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Facebook Looking to Reduce ‘Overly Promotional Posts’

As a business owner you’re undoubtedly using Facebook as one of your main digital marketing mediums, but if you’re not, why not!? After all, it’s a fantastic place to engage with your customers and prospects and get a really personal

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Twitter and IBM to enable businesses to effectively mine social data

Stop for a minute and think about the amount of data that passes through Twitter every single hour. Then multiply that by the amount of hours in a day, a week, a month etc and try to comprehend how much

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How to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

Today, we’re more connected than we’ve ever been. What with laptops, smartphones and tablets padding our bags, there’s never been a better time to be a remote worker. Add to this the profusion of tools and applications, like Dropbox, Gmail

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Pinterest & Snapchat Offer two Fresh Advertising Platforms for your Brand

We all know that having an active social media presence serves to promote your business and allows you to engage with your customers and prospects. But while Facebook and Twitter are often the two social networks that get the most

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Introducing WEST by Box, Facebook and Pinterest

Last week, the Facebook Newsroom announced a new initiative that the social network has launched in conjunction with Box and Pinterest. WEST, as its known, stands for Women Entering and Staying in Tech and, in my mind, is a fantastic

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Fake “Likes” are now on Facebook’s radar

  Facebook recently announced on their business blog that they are now taking a much firmer stance against fake activity; especially fake likes. Therefore, if your business has ever bought likes or is thinking of buying some, my advice is –

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Announcing three new Facebook improvements

It seems that Facebook have been doing some listening recently. That in itself is nothing new, as social networks are always striving to improve the user experience. However, Facebook haven’t just listened. They’ve actually acted too. In fact, over the

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Analyse the numbers behind your tweets with Twitter Analytics

  Twitter will undoubtedly be part of your social media arsenal but if it’s not, why not? After all, Twitter has evolved into a highly effective audience engagement tool and any brand that’s serious about its image should have a

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The German Answer to the Post-Holiday Email Nightmare

 As many of you will know, I’m currently enjoying a family holiday in Canada.  And, whilst I’m trying to forget about work for the time being, I know that I still have to be available in case any of my clients

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Top tips for when you’re working from home

As a virtual assistant, I can work from virtually anywhere in the world – providing I have a reliable internet connection. The flexibility that this affords is fantastic and one of the definite perks of my line of work. In

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